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EMDR Intensives

What is an EMDR Intensive?

EMDR Intensives are prolonged EMDR sessions aimed at increasing the efficiency of memory processing. An intensive can help you feel less distress around traumatic events or adverse life experiences rather quickly while simultaneously helping you learn skills to manage nervous system dysregulation


EMDR Intensives are 4 hour sessions ($600, not covered by insurance) where you and your therapist focus on reprocessing difficult experiences.  An initial evaluation is required to determine appropriateness for treatment. Insurance may cover this initial evaluation.

What should I expect?

-EMDR therapist consultation with your previous or current mental health provider

-Body Techniques to help regulate your nervous system such as yoga poses, breathing, and relaxation

-Breaks as needed to process your internal experience out loud

-Feeling safe and cared for

What should I bring?

-Comfortable clothes such as sweatpants, t-shirts, slippers

-Comfort items such as a blanket, favorite candle, or plushy

-Favorite snack and hydrating drinks

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