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Do you and your partner find yourselves:

·Having the same argument over and over again? The topic

 might be different, but you end up in the same place every


·Feeling disconnected and distant?

·Lonely? Wondering if it would be less painful to stop hoping

 for connection and just be on your own?

·Feeling misunderstood and unheard instead of supported

 and held tight?

·Reeling from a betrayal of trust? 

Based on the work of Dr. Sue Johnson, the creator of Emotionally Focused Therapy, Hold Me Tight® is a relationship enrichment program designed to enhance, repair and enrich committed relationships. EFT has been shown in studies to have some of the best results in the field with 70% of couples moving from a place of distress and unhappiness in their relationship to once again feeling at peace and 90% of couples feeling significantly helped.

This groundbreaking program is designed to renew trust and intimacy, deepen your emotional connection, create closeness with one another, forgive old wounds and betrayals and rekindle love and affection.

  • Identify and move out of the negative cycle you are caught in and discover what you are really trying to say to each other

  • Deepen emotional and physical intimacy

  • Forgive injuries and old hurts

  • Learn how to repair and reestablish trust

  • Establish a secure and intimate bond with one another

  • Restore commitment and hope

  • Learn to manage negative emotion

  • Calm the chaos (where there has been betrayal)

  • Affirm strengths in your relationship


Discover an emotional connection that bonds you together, keeps love alive and creates a safe harbor for you both.

In this workshop, you can expect to:

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