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Immigration Evaluations

Helping individuals concerned about their immigration status through immigration evaluations for Asylum, Domestic Violence (VAWA), Cancellation of Removal, U-Visa, and Extreme Hardship waivers. I work with immigration attorneys to provide evaluations to assist you in your immigration case. These psychosocial evaluations consist of 15-20 pages demonstrating the psychological, physical, financial, spiritual and emotional impact of separating families through deportation or country re-location. Some evaluations require the identification of traumatic experiences. The following is a brief explanation of the different immigration cases that can require and benefit from a psychological evaluation.

U-Visa Evaluation

U-Visa is a status given to victims of crime such as domestic violence, sexual assault, physical assault etc. The U-Visa intends for the undocumented individual to work together with law enforcement and the government with the investigation process of the criminal activity. During this process, authorities protect the victim that has suffered mental, psychological or physical abuse. During the U-Visa evaluation, I will meet with you for 2 sessions of 1.5 hours where I evaluate the psychological, emotional, financial, and physical consequences of the crime. 

Asylum Evaluation

Asylum is an application that must be completed with your lawyer within one year of arriving to the U.S. if you seek protection for yourself (including spouse and children) due to suffering or thinking you might suffer persecution in your country of origin. According to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, the types of persecution suffered could be related to race, religion, nationality, being a member of a social group, and/or due to having a political opinion. If this application is approved, you may be allowed by the government to stay in the United States. During the asylum evaluation, I will evaluate the psychological, physical, and emotional effects of having suffered persecution in your country of origin. 

Extreme Hardship Evaluation

Extreme Hardships are waivers given to immigrants who have remained in the United States without permission. The application for the waiver is submitted by a family member that legally resides in the United States. The process requires to be identified that the applicant would suffer if the non-citizen immigrant is admitted back to their country. 

Cancellation of Removal Evaluation

Cancellation of Removal is an application submitted for immigrants that have been in the United States without permission for over ten years. It is required for the person to have a history of good moral character. This process also requires identifying if the family member that legally resides in the United States would suffer if the non-citizen immigrant is admitted back to their country. A non-citizen immigrant that has experienced violence or maltreatment from the spouse or parent can apply for the cancellation of removal. 

Violence Against Women Act (VAWA)

Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) provides non-citizen immigrants with a U.S. citizen or Permanent Resident spouse, children, or parent to file a petition to remain in the United States without the abuser’s knowledge. The non-citizen immigrant must provide factual information (i.e. police report) that proves the suffering of the violence and domestic abuse.  VAWA also applies to male applicants. 

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